?? Spiedini Di Mare Recipe

Spiedini Di Mare Recipe

Shrimp, cleaned and deveined (8large), Choose a meaty fillet such as Tuna or Swordfish (1 about 8 ounces), seasoned bread crumbs (3/4c), olive oil (3tbsp), flour (1 1/2tbsp), softened butter (3tbsp), fresh chopped parsley (1/2c), white wine (1/4c), chicken broth (1/2c), lemon juice (1/2c), salt and pepper.

Method of preparation:-
Take skewers; place the two pieces of fish, 2 scallops and 2 shrimps alternating on each skewer. Apply the oil on them and then roll the skewers in the seasoned bread crumbs. Take a sauce pan, heat chicken broth, lemon juice and wine in it. Take a bowl, mix flour and butter in it and then add it into the lemon mixture. Keep it to cook over low heat. Add parsley in it before serving. Place the skewers on high heat to grill for about 3 minutes from each side. Take a plate, place the grilled skewers on it and pour the sauce over the top and serve it.

Number of servings ? 2

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