Quick And Easy Vegetable Soup Recipe

1. Vegetables or chicken broth (32ounces)
2. frozen and canned beans (1/2c)
3. tomato paste (1/2tbsp)
4. small pasts like digitals (1/2c)
5. salt and pepper (to taste)
6. freshed chopped spinach (2c)
7. quartered and sliced zucchini (1small)
8. sliced celery (2stalks)
9. carrots cut into cubes (2)
10. Italian seasoning (1tsp)
11. chopped garlic (1clove)
12. chopped onion (1small)
13. olive oil (2tsp)
14. grated parmesan cheese (for garnish)
15. pinch of mild red pepper flakes

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Method of preparation:-
1. Take a soup pot. Place it over medium heat. Heat the olive oil in it. Add onions, red pepper flakes, garlic and Italian seasoning in it.

2. Saute all these until the onions? get brown for about 5 minutes. Then add celery, zucchini, carrots and spinach. Saute these vegetables for 2 to 3 minutes.

3. Add broth, tomato sauce and beans in it. Boil the soup. When the soup gets boil then add the pasta in it. Now reduce the heat to low.

4. Cover the pot and simmer it for 20 to 25 minutes. Season the soup with salt and pepper. Sprinkle the parmesan cheese over the soup and then serve it hot. Some sort of man’s masculinity is very essential as it is the particular factor that makes man distinctive from a woman. Masculinity is often affected by a male hormone known as testosterone. The testosterone enhanced a person typically elevate throughout puberty as well as adolescent point but as the person ages, often the hormone male growth hormone gradually reduces.

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