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Panna Cotta With Caramel Sauce Recipe

1. Unflavored gelatin (1 1/4tsp)
2. plain yogurt (1 1/4c)
3. heavy cream, divided (2c)
4. water (2tbsp)
5. vanilla (1tsp)
6. sugar (1/2c)

For caramel sauce:-
1. Butter (1/4c)
2. light brown sugar (1c)
3. dark corn syrup (1/2c)
4. heavy cream (1/2c)
5. vanilla extract (1 1/2tsp)

Method of preparation:-

1. Take a bowl, mix water and gelatin in it and stir it for about 15 minutes until gets softened. Take another bowl, mix yogurt, 1 cup of cream and vanilla in it.

2. Take a small saucepan place it over medium heat. Mix a cup of cream and ½ cup of sugar in it. Stir it until the sugar dissolve in it.

3. Now take off the pan from the heat. Add the gelatin mixture into the hot cream. Add this into the cream yogurt mixture. Divide this mixture among 6 ramekins and then keep them in the refrigerator for about 6 hours.

For caramel sauce:-
1. Take a saucepan, boil corn syrup, butter, cream and brown sugar in it.

2. Add vanilla extract in it and then cool it. Now pour this sauce over panna cotta before serving.

Apple Crostata Recipe


For crust:-
1. flour (1 1/4c)
2. butter (4 tbsp)
3. solid vegetable shortening (4tbsp)
4. sugar (1tbsp)
5. salt (1/2tsp)
6. ice water

For crunch topping:-

1. flour (1/3c)
2. brown sugar (1/3c)
3. old fashioned oatmeal (1/4c)
4. melted butter (3tbsp)

For filling:-
1. Flour (1heaping tablespoon)
2. egg yolk beaten with 1 tablespoon of water (1)
3. apricot preserves (3-4)
4. cinnamon (1/2tsp)
5. sugar (1/4c)
6. apples (3medium)
7. confectioner sugar for dusting
8. pinch of fine sea salt

Method of preparation:-
1. Take a food processor, mix flour, sugar and salt in it. Pulse shortening and butter in it until the mixture looks like cornmeal. Add enough water to make dough of this mixture.

2. Place it in disk, and wrap it and then keep it in refrigerator for about 30 minutes. By mixing all the ingredients make crunch topping. Keep it aside.

3. Take apples peel them and then thinly sliced them. Take a bowl, mix flour, sugar, salt and cinnamon in it and then add sliced apples in it. Coat them with the mixture.

4. Now heat the oven to 375 degrees F. Roll the dough on the lightly floured surface in circle shape. Spread apricot preserves in the center of the circle leaving the 3 inches border.

5. Now place the apples in layers until all the apples slices are used. Sprinkle the leftover topping and then fold the border of the dough up around the edges of the filling.

6. Take a baking sheet, place paper with crostata on it. Brush the top of the dough with egg yolk mixture. Now place the baking sheet in oven and bake it for 40 minutes.

7. Now take off the sheet from the oven and cover the dough with foil to prevent burning. Again place it in the oven and bake for 15 minutes again. Now place crostata with paper on wire rack to cool.

8. When it gets ready then dust confectioner sugar over it before serving. Serve it with ice cream or with whipped cream.

Cherry Custard Ice Cream Recipe

1. Pitted sweet cherries in syrup (1can)
2. sugar (3/4c)
3. egg yolks (2)
4. whipping cream (1 1/2c)
5. vanilla (1tsp)
6. whole milk (1c)

Method of preparation:-

1. Take a bowl; whip egg yolk and sugar until it gets thick and pale yellow. Then keep it aside.

2. Take a saucepan; simmer milk in it over medium low heat. Slowly whisk the milk into the egg mixture. Pour this mixture again to the saucepan.

3. Cook it in saucepan over low heat; stir it continuously until the mixture gets thicken. Milk should not be boiled. The eggs will curdle.

4. Take a large bowl and strain the mixture in it and then cool it at room temperature. Blend the sweet cherries in syrup in a blender or a food processor until gets smooth. Add whipping cream, cherry mixture and vanilla into the milk mixture.

5. Cover the mixture and place in the refrigerator for several hours or until it gets completely cold. Now put this mixture into the ice cream mixture and freeze it.

Coffee Spumone Recipe

1. Strong Italian coffee (6tbsp)
2. rum (2shots)
3. sugar (7tbsp)
4. egg yolks (4)
5. whipping cream (1c)

Method of preparation:-
1. Take a double boiler. Whip egg yolks, sugar and coffee in it for about 10 minutes. When it has increased in volume then cook it for at least 10 minutes and then add rum in it and mix it gently. Pour this in mixing bowl and then keep it to cool.

2. Take another bowl add whipping cream. Whip the cream in it with hand mixer or in food processor. Now add the egg mixture in it and then mix it by pulling from the bottom over the top.

3. When it gets ready then place it in freezer for about 1 hour or more. The longer you keep it in the freezer the firmer it should get. Now put this into the desserts bowl and serve it immediately with dry biscuits.

Mascarpone Gelato Recipe

1. Mascarpone cheese (16oz)
2. whole milk (2c)
3. heavy cream (2c)
4. vanilla bean (1)
5. grated lemon zest (2tsp)
6. toasted pine nuts (2/3c)
7. sugar (2/3c)

Method of preparation:-
1. Take a medium size saucepan, mix sugar, milk and cream in it. Place the sauce over heat and cook it over medium heat until it starts simmering and then take off the pan from the heat.

2. Take a bowl, put milk in it and scrape vanilla seed in the milk and then add beans in it. Keep the bowl aside for about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes strain the mixture in another bowl and discard the vanilla beans from it.

3. Now cover the bowl and keep it in refrigerator for 2 hours or for overnight. Add pine nuts, mascarpone and lemon zest in it. Now place this mixture into the ice cream mixer and then freeze it.

Crunchy Chocolate Pudding Squares Recipe

1. Self rising flour (2c)
2. softened cream cheese (1pkg)
3. powdered sugar (1c)
4. finely chopped pecans (1 1/2c)
5. brown sugar (2/3c)
6. melted butter or margarine (1c)
7. frozen whipping topping thawed (1carton)
8. instant chocolate pudding mix (1pkg)
9. cold milk (3c)

Method of preparation:-
1. Take a medium size bowl. Mix flour, brown sugar and pecans in it. Mix it in butter. Take an ungreased baking pan. Put this mixture into the baking pan.

2. Place the pan in oven and bake it for about 15 to 20 minutes at 375 degrees F. bake it until it gets lightly brown. Cool it on wire rack.

3. Take another bowl, beat cream cheese and sugar in it until it gets smooth. Add a cup of whipping topping in it.

4. Take a bowl; whip milk and pudding mix in it for about 2 minutes. Place this pudding mixture over the cream cheese layer. Keep it in refrigerator for about 15 minutes until it gets set. Spread the leftover whipped topping over it and then decorate it.

White House Pecan Pie Recipe

1. Coarsely chopped pecans (2c)
2. fluted unbaked pastry shell in 9 inch pie pan or plate
3. eggs (3)
4. salt (1/2tsp)
5. sugar (1c)
6. butter (1/2stick)
7. dark corn syrup (1c)

Method of preparation:-
1. Take bowl, put butter in it. Covered it and keep it at room temperature until it gets soft. Add corn syrup, salt, sugar and vanilla in it. Beat it with hand beater or mixing spoon, beat it thoroughly.

2. Add egg in it and beat it until gets blended. Add pecans in it. Now pour this mixture into the pastry shell. Bake it in oven at 375 degrees F.

3. Bake it for about 40 to 50 minutes until the top gets toasted and brown and the filling gets set in the center when the pie is gently shaken.

4. The edge of the pastry should be brown and the bottom should be pale gold. If the top of the pie gets very dark then cover it with foil. Cool it on wire rack. When it gets ready then serve it with unsweetened whipping cream.

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