Shrimp Alla Speciale Recipe

1. Jumbo shrimp (1pound)
2. dried oregano (1tsp)
3. lemon zest (2tbsp)
4. chopped garlic (3cloves)
5. green pepper, julienne cut (1small)
6. zucchini, julienne cut (1small)
7. diced tomatoes (1can)
8. dry white wine (1/2c)
9. fresh chopped Italian parsley (1/4c)
10. portabella mushrooms (8baby)
11. carrot julienne cut (1small)
12. red pepper, julienne cut (1small)
13. chopped long green onion (1bunch)
14. butter (1tbsp)
15. dried basil (1tsp)
16. extra virgin olive oil (1/2c)
17. stalk of celery, julienne cut (1 )

Method of preparation:-
1. Take shrimp, peel it and devein it and then place it in the sealed bag. Add oil of ΒΌ cup in the bag. Mix garlic or 1 clove, basil, oregano and the lemon zest in it. Now seal the bag and keep it in the refrigerator for few hours.

2. Take a frying pan, heat the leftover oil in it. Saute onion, leftover garlic, celery, carrots, green pepper, red pepper, zucchini and mushrooms in it until they get soft.

3. Put the shrimp in it and saute it for about 3 minutes. Add wine and cook it until it gets reduced to half. Then add parsley and tomatoes and heat them. When it gets ready then serve it with pasta or bread.